Major Vine Star Wasn’t Invited to THE Digital Event of the Year & He’s Pissed

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The DigiTour is easily one of the most anticipated events of the year, where fans and Internet stars come together for an unforgettable experience. Given the popularity of this event, the assumption is that all of your fave Viners and YouTubers will be in attendance, right? Well, the lineup for the Latin American portion of the DigiTour was recently announced, and one Vine star is extremely pissed off that his name wasn’t included on the list.

Alec Bailey, DJ Rupp, Tez, Rudy Mancuso and Nash Grier are all scheduled to attend the Latin American tour dates (which begin mid-May), but people couldn’t help but notice that Hayes Grier is missing from the lineup. Fans on Twitter were visibly upset when they found out, and Hayes echoed their thoughts.

In an effort to explain why Hayes was excluded from the lineup, the tour’s Twitter account tweeted, “As much as we love Hayes Grier, and for reasons beyond our control, and Hayes, he is not coming on the tour.” Umm, WTF? That’s so not a satisfactory response. What reasons??

Hayes clearly wasn’t thrilled about this news, so naturally he posted his own rant on Twitter — and he didn’t hold back:

He also made it quite clear that his exclusion from DigiTour won’t stop him from meeting his dedicated fans:

And despite the DigiTour’s brief message, Hayes is still majorly pissed off:

So basically, even Hayes has no idea why he isn’t invited to this massive event? Considering that Hayes has over 3 million followers on Twitter, and his brother, Nash Grier, is included on the lineup, we’re a bit confused, too…

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