The Video That Has Fans Convinced a Vine Star Has a Secret Girlfriend

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Hayes Grier usually isn’t one to bite his tongue or avoid being in the spotlight, but when it comes to his relationship status, it seems he’s a lot more hesitant to put it all out there. But even though the 15-year-old hasn’t come out and said he’s currently dating someone, fans are convinced that his heart is committed to a mystery girl.

The other day, the Viner was seen on Willie Sosa‘s Snapchat with a brunette sitting comfortably on his lap. Take a peek at the moment in question:

Although the faces in the video are blurry, fans are pretty positive the boy featured is Hayes, because the camouflage tracksuit that he’s wearing is one of his recent faves, and he’s basically always rocking that red baseball cap.


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But even though the world was quick to pick out the teen on Willie’s Snap Story, they still haven’t been able to identify the woman… but it’s not for a lack of trying! As soon as word got out that Hayes was caught in a ~compromising~ position, many people began tweeting him in hopes that he’d come clean and reveal his “girlfriend’s” identity.

As of now, no one knows who the lucky lady is, but we’ll obviously keep you posted!


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