How Justin Bieber Started a Major Feud Between a Vine Star and His Ex-Girlfriend

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Vine stars get to do a lot of things that make people jealous. Hayes Grier, for example, was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars, owns a Mercedes at just 15 years old, and attends some of the hottest celebrity parties in Hollywood. Oh, and did we mention he also hangs out with celebs like Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber? #Goals. But as much as jealousy is a knee-jerk reaction to the teen’s over-the-top lifestyle, perhaps no one faced the green-eyed monster quite like the Viner’s ex-girlfriend just did.

When Nash Grier’s little brother got to attend JB’s 22nd birthday party last weekend, he obviously took photo documentation of the event. Hayes posted a picture of himself with the “Sorry” singer on Instagram and quickly wracked up thousands of likes and comments.

this one might do it @justinbieber

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But while tons of the boys’ fans loved the photo, Hayes’ ex Jordan Griffis was not here for the pair hanging out.

As per usual, Hayes couldn’t let the Twitter explosion go unnoticed and decided to call her out for her actions. “@jordangriffis1 why you talkin s*it? Thought I got rid of that years ago. you love the attention don’t you,” he wrote back to her.

The blue-eyed cutie eventually deleted his @replies and instead summed up his thoughts with two simple notes:

Justin Bieber… forever involved with the dramz.

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