Hayes Grier in Hospital After Serious Car Accident Leaves Him a Bloody Mess

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This is so scary. If you’ve recently been on Twitter, you probably noticed that #PrayForHayes is the number one trending topic right now. Unfortunately, the hashtag was started by none other than Nash Grier who frighteningly received a phone call that said his little brother Hayes was involved in a serious car accident.

“#PrayForHayes Just got a call on set that said Hayes was in a crash,” he wrote on the social media site. “He’s now in the hospital. He can move & talk (thank god) but he’s coughed up a lot of blood. That’s all I know. Praying he has a quick recovery. Damn I hate hearing s*it like that on the phone scared me to death.”

There are no further details available at the moment, but it’s pretty obvious that the wreck was way more than minor. In addition to the countless fans who are using the hashtag to support the 16-year-old, many of his fellow social media stars are also reaching out.

We will keep you updated as more information about Hayes’ condition becomes available.

Our prayers are with Hayes rn. After all, he’s come such a long way — like all of these Vine stars: