30 Female Celebs Who Accused Harvey Weinstein of Assault — So Far

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It feels like lately there’s nothing more sickening than taking a look at the news. With the massacre in Vegas, the devastation in California, and now all of the disgusting allegations against Harvey Weinstein, it feels like it has just been one thing after another after another. As the wildfires in Cali are continuing to spread and destroying homes, the reports of the producer’s sexual assault just keep coming, too.

Every time we turn on the news, another woman is speaking out about her horrific experiences with the 65-year-old. Most recounted stories involve bath robes, massage requests, and empty hotel rooms, rather than the business meetings he promised.

We always knew the name Harvey Weinstein would live on forever, but now it won’t be for the successful company he created with his brother, or the lengthy list of movies he worked on (Pulp Fiction and Silver Linings Playbook, to name a couple). Instead, he will be remembered for the things that over 20 leading ladies have been saying about him in the last week.

From Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie to Cara Delevingne and Emily Osment, women have been victimized by HW since the 1990s in a sickening timeline that hasn’t let up since.

In light of the information that’s recently been revealed, Harvey has been fired from his own company and sent to Arizona for sex-addiction treatment. He released a statement recently that said, “I want a second chance in the community but I know I’ve got work to do to earn it.” Uh, he can say that again (or a million more times). With just one look at what all the women we’ve rounded up experienced at his hands, you’ll agree that his statement is, in fact, a massive understatement.

These women waited so long to speak out for various reasons, including that they wouldn’t be believed or that their careers would be ruined as a result. But now that the floodgates have opened, we are ALL listening.