Riverdale Actor Hart Denton Gets Into Scary Car Accident During an Uber Ride

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It was a close call the yesterday for Hart Denton of Riverdale. The actor who plays Chic Cooper on the hit show was involved in a car accident last night while taking an Uber ride.

Luckily, the 25-year-old star did not receive any injuries from the crash, he took to social media to talk about his experience. According to the post, the accident was not the fault of the Uber driver, rather they were rear-ended by another vehicle. It appears the actor was quite shaken up by the incident, captioning a snapshot of the incident:

“tonight I was sitting in the back of an uber, stopped in traffic on the 101, when this car slammed into us. i had never been in a car crash before. life immediately feels different. give someone a big hug and a big kiss. consciousness is precious.”

His fellow cast members were quick to show their support for their friend. It obviously could have been a lot worse for the celeb, so everyone was glad he was okay. Both Lili Reinhart and Mädchen Amick, his on-screen sister and mother, respectively, commented on the photo giving their love.

hart denton accident

This morning the actor tweeted “alive!” which is definitely a reference to his accident.

We are so glad to hear the actor was not injured and is doing fine after the scary incident.