“We’re All a Little Bit Gay,” at Least According to Harry Styles

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Harry Styles has never officially come out, saying that he doesn’t feel the need to define his sexuality, but fans are pretty sure, according to his past statements, that he is part of the LGBTQ+ community. The 24-year-old’s concerts have become a safe, inclusive place for all those who identify as queer, with the singer waving around rainbow flags, helping fans come out, etc., as he’s performing. Can this guy get any more perfect???

The “Kiwi” crooner had his last show of the Harry Styles: Live on Tour run at The Forum in Los Angeles, California, on July 14, and definitely went out with a bang. One fan in the audience had a sign that read, “I’m gay and I love you,” which Harry saw and read aloud.

“Thank you for coming,” he replied. “I mean, we’re all a little bit gay…”

But the excitement didn’t end there! Various celebrities, including Shawn Mendes and ex-girlfriend Kendall Jenner, were in the audience as he said goodbye to his first-ever solo world tour.

Can we quickly just talk about how much Shawn was going AWF as Harry performed??? We stan two musical legends.