15 of the Strangest Harry Styles Products You Can Buy Right Now

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To say that Harry Styles is enjoying the One Direction hiatus would be the understatement of the century. Not only did he release his self-titled album that snagged the number one spot on the charts, along with his single, “Sign of the Times,” but he made his movie debut in Dunkirk, which also snagged the number one spot (except, obviously, at the box office instead of on the charts). He has been jet-setting across the world to promo all his new projects and becoming an even bigger star than before, which we didn’t think was possible.

When people become fans of a celebrity or movie, some use their artistic talents to create fan art and merchandise. These products can be absolutely incredible and make us want to buy them ASAP, or they can be just plain weird. Since Harry is definitely one of the biggest stars ATM, we decided to see what kind of products that the singer-turned-actor has inspired, and we’re not really sure what to think about them. FAIR WARNING: There’s no going back after seeing some these ~products~: