Fans are FURIOUS at Harry Styles & It’s All Because of His Tour Merch

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UPDATE: “There was a mistake in size pricing at last night’s show. Harry and his team were unaware and this has now been rectified.” -Live Nation Merchandise
Never thought we’d ever see the day when Harry Styles would get negative feedback from his beloved fans, but here we are. The “Sweet Creature” singer kicked off his solo tour in San Francisco, California last night and what fans saw at the merch table really fired them up.

At first, everything looks pretty normal and very Harry-like. There were pink T-shirts embroidered with Harry’s name, T-shirts with his face and album cover on them, pins, a cool black tee with the words “Treat People With Kindness” printed on it… Like we said, a super cool merch line with a dash of Harry’s sweet aesthetic.

However, the only problem with the tour merchandise is that, according to fans who were there, the larger sized T-shirts are a bit more expensive than the smaller ones. A Harry fan account shared the prices of the tees, showing the extra small, small and medium sized shirts priced at $40 while the larges and above cost $45:

Upon seeing this, Harry stans were, understandably, unhappy about the pricing. One fan straight up told the world how they really felt about the price difference:

While another fan pointed out that making larger fans pay more money for their tees is not “treating people with kindness,” TBH:

When others questioned the price difference between the smaller tees and the larger ones, some fans tried to defend the pricing by saying that larger sizes take more material to make. Though one Harry fan totally understood the reasoning, they said they “just find it kinda strange cause now bigger fans are gonna feel bad about it whether or not that’s the case,” you know?

If the $5 is meant to cover the extra material, fine — but if you think about it tour merch is already pretty overpriced, so any extra costs should already be covered in the prices. Plus, retailers basically price same style tops the same regardless of their size, so this shouldn’t be any different, right?