Fans Flip Out Because Harry Styles’ New Song is ~Definitely~ About Taylor Swift

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One Direction fans know how fast rumors can spread, especially on Twitter. But perhaps no one was fully ready for the level of insanity that was reached when Harry Styles debuted his solo album title, release date, cover and tracklist this morning.

Yes, Directioners were freaking the eff out over the fact that the “Sign of the Times” singer’s CD will be here before they know it and the hot AF shirtless pictures, but one thing in particular caused them to absolutely lose their sh*t — a song called “Ever Since New York.”

The track quickly started trending on Twitter, despite the fact that no one listened to it, knows anything about it, etc., because they’re con-freakin’-vinced that it’s going to be about Taylor Swift.

NGL, the “evidence” people have to support this theory is pretty minimum. Sure, Tay has a song called “Welcome to New York” and Haylor was seen smooching in the city in 2013, but the 23-year-old’s upcoming tune really could be about anything in the world. But hey — stranger things have happened! Maybe “ESNY” really will be about the “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” crooner. Good thing May 12th isn’t too far away!!

Maybe Harry will deny that “Ever Since New York” is about Taylor, just like these other singers did about their own music: