The One Direction News We’ve Been Waiting For

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It’s been a long, long six months without One Direction. We’ve been listening to their five albums on repeat, wishing we didn’t take the time we had with them for granted. Thankfully the boys have done a pretty good job at keeping us in the loop and sharing the cutest Insta pics from what they’re doing on the hiatus.

Even when the boys aren’t even together it hasn’t stopped them from surprising us, especially when Harry Styles was announced to star in a new movie, Dunkirk, that focuses on World War II. Pretty much everyone flipped out and accused Harry of having a lack of loyalty to the band and questioned if he was going to stop singing to pursue an acting career. The boys continued to assure us that they would return, but it looks like that when if they do, it’ll be with one less member.

According to Billboard, Harry has signed a solo deal with Columbia Records. Cue the tears and heartache. The silver lining of this solo deal is that One Direction is also signed to Columbia Records, which means that he’ll hopefully be able to double-dip and produce his own music while still staying with the band that gave him success.

No matter what the situation is, as long as we still get to hear Harry sing, we’ll be happy.


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