The 1st Pic of Harry Styles’ New Hair Was Taken at the Most Inappropriate Moment

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Earlier this month, the Internet was rocked by the news that celebrity photographer Matt Irwin died unexpectedly. According to a family statement, the 36-year-old “took his own life.” Fortunately (as possible), his closest family and friends were able to lay him down this week, leaving him to rest in the sweetest peace…

That should’ve been the extent of it. Instead, though, Harry Styles‘ new hair has become the prime subject of the event.

Don’t get us wrong, we were more than looking forward to the 22-year-old singer’s new ‘do, which he chopped in preparation for his first movie, Dunkirk; the discarded tresses were even donated to charity! However, it was the place at which the first full image of Harry’s fresh look was taken that’s leaving us more than a little disturbed.

Harry attended the funeral services for his late friend — Matt actually took photos of One Direction for years — to pay tribute to the young man. One would think that that deserves a little privacy, yes? Instead, though, Matt Irwin’s sister Carys Bray‘s daughter (so, Matt’s niece) Alice, took a photo with him — with a smile on her face, no less — and the Internet freaked out:

Harry’s sister, Gemma Styles, once spoke of a similarly inappropriate incident in which someone asked Harry for a selfie at a funeral… for their grandmother! She explained, “My most frustrating personal experience of this was the ‘friend’/distant relative at my grandma’s funeral who was trying to bring in her granddaughter or niece or someone to have a picture with my brother. At a funeral. Our grandmother’s funeral. ‘Smh’ doesn’t really cover it.”

Carys has since deleted the snapshot from her Instagram, but it’s already made its rounds across social media, so it’s literally everywhere. Sad all around.

Sadly, Harry Styles isn’t the only celebrity whose close friend passed away: