Harry Styles Teased For His Clean Freak Ways, Nicknamed Mrs. Mop!

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Looks like Harry Styles has a (not so) dirty little secret! According to The Daily Star, the One Direction member is rather anal when it comes to keeping the tour bus tidy. In fact, he’s so insistent on keeping things clean that he makes his fellow band mates wear slippers while walking around the bus.

A source told The Daily Star, “He watches to make sure no one drops food anywhere and asked people to leave their shoes at the door and wear slippers.” Harry’s cleaning ways even earned him the nickname, Mrs. Mop.

And apparently it’s not just that Harry likes to keep things clean, but he’s totally fixated on it. The source added, “Harry loves everything to be neat and tidy. He’s fixated with keeping the tour bus clean.”

At one point, Harry felt like the bus wasn’t clean enough “went to a supermarket and bought a ton of cleaning products,” so he could tidy things up. We wouldn’t peg Harry for a neat freak!

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