One Direction Fans Defend Harry Styles After ‘Racist’ Instagram Picture Debate

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Harry Styles is one of the most coveted acts in terms of music and, more recently, movies — he's on the top of the list for the Wicked film adaptation! — but not everyone's a fan of the star after his latest social media blunder.

Recently, the 20-year-old One Direction lad posted a picture of himself on Instagram, sporting a funny face while wearing a traditional Native American headdres:

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While it may've been all fun and games for the "Story of My Life" singer, many accused him of cultural racism and stereotyping:

Today, though, we're seeing more signs of support for Harry than anything else. Here are some fans that are rushing to his side after the backlash (for a photo which has since been deleted):

Which side of the racist debate are you on? Do you think Harry's snapshot was all in good fun, or was it something more? Weigh in via the comments below.

ANOTHER tattoo for Harry Styles. Wait 'til you see what he got this time…

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