Harry Styles’ Mom’s Statement After His Stepdad’s Death will Hit You in the Feels

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When Louis Tomlinson‘s mom, Johanna Deakin, passed away from cancer passed in early December away after a secret battle with Leukemia, fans had no idea what to think. No one knew she was sick, let alone with a terminal illness, so her passing came as a total shock. Unfortunately, Harry Styles faced the same heartache just a few months later, as his stepfather, Robin Twist, died of cancer last week. The “Sign of the Times” crooner and the rest of his family remained quiet on social media for quiet some time in the height of the tragedy, but one of them finally decided to respond to the overwhelming amount of love and support given by Directioners.

The 23-year-old’s mom, Anne Twist, took to Twitter to thank everyone for their kind words in the aftermath of her husband’s death.

She wrote, “Thank you for all the love and support our family have been given… Robin would be humbled by the love you have all shown. Thank you.”

We can’t even imagine how devastated the 49-year-old is right now, so the fact that she took took time out of the grieving process to be appreciative of her son’s fans really proves that she’s an incredible woman. Right in the feels, you know?

So far, neither Harry nor his older sister, Gemma Styles, have said anything about the loss of their stepdad, but we’re sure they’ll eventually do something similar to Anne.

Sadly, like Harry Styles, these stars lost their own fathers to cancer: