Harry Styles Had a Secret Girlfriend for Months and You Had No Idea!

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When it comes to Harry Styles’ dating life, people usually know who/what/when/where/why/how immediately. Like, the poor guy can’t even LOOK at a girl without Directioners knowing her birthday, favorite color, and social security number. So, when we found out the One Direction singer has a secret girlfriend for months and no one knew anything, we were actually shocked.

As it turns out, before the 22 year old singer and Kendall Jenner briefly rekindled their romance on a Caribbean vacation at the beginning of the year, he was secretly dating someone else for months. According to The Sun the British crooner was in a relationship with the band’s private jet flight attendant Megan Smith from June 2015 to October 2015.

“Harry and Megan first met on the plane when she was hired as one of One Direction’s private air hostesses,” a source told The Sun. “They really bonded on the plane and things turned romantic quickly. They went on a number of dates and hit it off.”

While the 1D guy may have initially gotten involved with Megan without thinking anything serious would come from it, their relationship “actually got really serious” and he “started referring to her as his girlfriend.”

You may be thinking — if the pair was so “serious,” why was he all over Kendall just a few months later? Apparently, Harry and Megan decided to call it quits in the fall when someone threatened to expose a NSFW picture the 24 year old sent the superstar.

“Harry started hearing there was a chance the relationship would go public and he decided it was the right time to end things,” the source continued.

When the magazine reached out to Megan about the alleged relationship, she simply replied, “I have nothing to say at this stage.”

Hmmm…VERY interesting…

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