Harry Styles’ “Kiwi” Music Video is Equal Parts Confusing & Adorable

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It has been months since we got Harry Styles‘ first solo music video, and now, praise the One Direction gods, because we have been blessed with another one to totally freak out over. The singer just released the visual for his ever-so-popular song, “Kiwi,” and it’s absolutely amazing and adorable.

We’re seriously getting, like, a ton of crazy feels all at once. Back in May of this year, Harry released a music video for his first-ever solo single, “Sign of the Times.” Since then, he has released the whole album and the song “Kiwi” quickly became a fan-favorite. It became obvious that Harry loved the song as well and didn’t hide the fact that he wanted it to be his next single. He would often sing it multiple times during concerts to get the crowd hyped up.

We finally got confirmation that a video was actually coming out last week when Harry tweeted out a photo of him in a school picture with a bunch of kids who were dressed just like him. Obviously, we were very confused about how kids in a school would relate to the song. Even after having seen the full video, we’re still just as confused… but no one’s complaining. Except maybe a few people who thought the video had gone on far too long without a glimpse of HarBear’s beautiful face, but hey, at least he was in it, right?

Anyway, the whole video focused on a bunch of well-dressed kids having an epic food fight with some of the most delicious looking desserts. At the end of the video, the 23-year-old singer makes his grand entrance as he ran into the gym with a bunch of puppies and then joins the fight.

Fans are loving the video just as much as we are and their reactions are just so perfect. While some are just as confused as we were, we all can’t help but somehow love Harry even more. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be watching this video on repeat for the rest of the day: