Harry Styles vs. Justin Bieber: Who Has the More Convincing Doppelganger?

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We know that Justin Bieber has himself a doppelganger, but it looks like Harry Styles has one now, too. Recently, a young boy named Jacob Skelton came forward and has been making the press rounds talking about his similar look to the One Direction member.

One thing these two have in common? (Well, besides the whole looking alike thing.) They’re both British! Jacob, 15, is currently attending school in England, and is getting a lot of attention from the ladies because of his Harry-esque look. Jacob joked on British show Daybreak, “People always ask for pictures with me on the street, and on Twitter I’ve got a lot marriage proposals.”  Apparently, a friend of Jacob’s mom pointed out the uncanny resemblance, and the whole thing has taken off ever since.



While we think these two have very similar hair and smiles, Jacob is a bit young to look like a current Harry. But still, very similar!

Now, not only do Harry and Justin have a song title in common (both have tracks called “I Would,”) but now they both have doppelgangers! The real question here though — which look alike is way more convincing?

Do you think Justin’s is uncanny? Or are the similarities between Harry and Jacob freaking you out? Sound off by casting your vote in the poll!

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