Fans Discover the Most Disgusting Word Graffitied on Harry Styles’ Home

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It’s been a quiet six months for One Direction fans as the group is currently taking a well-deserved break. The boys have started to return to the spotlight recently, especially Harry Styles, who broke the internet when he cut his famously long locks. We lost even more chill when more information and pictures leaked about his new movie, Dunkirk.

While Harry has been on-location filming in France as a big movie star, people have been trying to get a sneak peek at what the World War II movie has to offer. But back home in London, fans discovered something that they weren’t looking for. Overnight, Harry’s North London home was vandalized, displaying the most offensive graffiti.

On the external wall that faces the street, the C-word was spray-painted in big black letters, making it stand out even more against the white wall. Fans spotted the crime and immediately took to Twitter, sparking the #CanYallRespectHarry hashtag. Not only is the word completely offensive and uncalled for, but Harry isn’t even in London to do anything about it. The police have apparently been notified and hopefully the curse word will be cleaned up ASAP.

No one deserves this kind of treatment and it has us wondering if anything is safe anymore. We hope that the news of this didn’t interrupt Harry’s time on set and that he’ll be able to take this in stride.

This isn’t the first time Harry’s been dissed. Ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik threw so much shade at his old friend: