Harry Styles Offered Movie Career! But Wait, There’s a Catch…

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He's the most popular guy in One Direction — don't even try arguing against it; it's a fact — so, natch, the offers are pouring in for Harry Styles. And not just on the music front…

Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, who's produced everything from Silver Linings Playbook to Project Runway to Vampire Academy as head of The Weinstein Company, has apparently offered the 20-year-old singer the opportunity of a movie career. BUT, there's a major catch. In a recent interview (via Toronto Sun), Harvey says, "Harry Styles will definitely be a movie star if he wants to… First he's got to date all three of my daughters. They all think he is extremely handsome. Once that's sorted, he can be in any film he wants."

Harvey has four daughters, but one was born back in 2010, so we're guessing she's the odd one out of this awkward match-making quote. The rest of the Weinstein children, Lily, Emma and Ruth, are 19, 16 and 12, respectively. DEFINITELY a different parenting technique than that of Mark Wahlberg, who threatened to punch Harry in the face if the superstar got near his child.

Would you like to see Harry give acting a try? What do you think of a Styles/Weinstein setup? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, or on our One Direction message board!

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