Harry Styles Groped by Fan at Concert, Sparking Outrage Over Sexual Assault

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The topic of sexual assault has been in the news quite often lately, with numerous female AND male stars speaking out about their experiences in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal. Harry Styles didn’t have to share his story of being groped, however, — the whole thing was caught on tape.

The 23-year-old singer was performing “Kiwi” at the We Can Survive breast cancer benefit concert on Saturday, October 21, in Los Angeles when he walked to the edge of the stage and keeled down in front of fans. Screaming girls quickly swarmed the former One Direction guy, trying to get a quick touch. While most of the fans were very respectful of Harry’s personal space, one girl literally reached out and sexually assaulted him by grabbing his crotch.

You can see that Hazza grabbed her hand to remove it from his private area, then quickly got up and walked away to continue performing.

When fans saw the video, they were rightfully LIVID. This wasn’t an incident of an overzealous audience member — this was sexual assault.

It’s important to remember that both females AND males can be sexually assaulted and it’s ALWAYS wrong, no matter the circumstances.

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