Harry Styles Reveals Exactly Where His Four Nipples are Located on His Body

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Only true One Direction fans know that Harry Styles has more nipples than the average person, but where they’re located? That’s a whole different story. However, for those who are super curious as to where those little nubbins are placed on the “Two Ghosts” singer’s body, well, you’re in luck!

In Harry’s interview with Chelsea Handler, the singer-turned-actor addressed those multiple-nipple rumors by confirming that they are in fact true — something Directioners already knew, courtesy of the “Kiss You” music video and, you know… seeing him shirtless — AND he was kind enough to point out where they’re all located on his chest.

Aside from talking about his many nipples, Harry also cleared any confusion surrounding his real name. In case anyone is like Chelsea and was wondering why he doesn’t go by Harold, it’s actually because his name is just Harry.

Since we’re on the topic of names, Harry revealed his kinda-sorta favorite female name and, weirdly enough, the Dunkirk star also opened up about the time he high-fived Justin Timberlake.

Unfortunately for those who are looking for new rumors to start, let it be known that Harry actually did not slap hands with JT for shady I’m-so-glad-we-left-our-boy-bands-behind-to-pursue-solo-careers reasons. As for why he actually did it, guess we’ll never know.

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