Harry Styles Fans Pay Tribute to LGBT Community with Rainbow Light Show

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Okay, this is awesome. Harry Styles fans surprised the singer with a massive LGBT+ tribute at his tour stop in London and he had NO IDEA that it was happening.

Normally the 24-year-old would be the one pulling out surprises for his fans during his shows, but this time some of his biggest stans flipped the switch on him in London’s O2 Arena. When Harry played his song, “Sweet Creature,” the audience lit up the venue with a giant rainbow flag.

We’re trying to imagine Hazza’s shock when the audience magically glowed in multiple colors and we wouldn’t be surprised if he shed some tears of joy. Naturally, fans thought Harry had planned the elaborate light show, but it was actually the work of two incredible super fans who have since claimed responsibility for the colorful stunt.

The two fans in question, Ksenia and Luna, created a Twitter account for their surprise and dubbed the stunt the “Rainbow London Project.” After the show, the ladies tweeted their delight about its success and promised to make it happen again, even bigger and better at his next show in London.

The two also revealed how they masterminded their grand spectacle, saying it took a month to plan and three months to put into action. With the help of 20 volunteers, the girls printed out 14,000 individual papers that included instructions for their fellow concertgoers. Attached to every instruction paper was a colored paper filter for fans to shine their smartphone lights through.

Of course, the papers were distributed by audience sections so that each section had a different color of the rainbow. Genius! However, not everyone saw it that way. Luna and Ksenia revealed that they was upset with all the little pieces of paper and confiscated about 5,000. Nonetheless, the project was a massive success.

The masterminds behind the project told Metro UK, “We can up with an idea of creating a massive pride flag. We counted how many seats there are in each row in each block so everyone would get a color.”

Luna also explained the rainbow idea to Teen Vogue saying, “We chose to do a rainbow one as it shows acceptance. It wasn’t only meant for LGBTQ+, but basically everyone wanting to be part of our big family.”

The girls chose the song “Sweet Creature” for their reveal because it’s about that one person that makes you feel like home, and for them, that’s Harry. AW!