Harry Styles Fan Fiction After in Talks for Movie Deal

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The world as a whole may not be able to collectively determine whether or not Harry Styles is hot — join the debate here — but there are still millions who can't get enough of him. So much so, that there might actually be a film based on the wildly popular fan fiction inspired by his very being! Ah, can you hear the screams of all Directioners booming through the air?

According to Deadline, After, which is the wildly popular fan fiction we were referring to earlier, conceived on Wattpad by Anna Todd, is currently being shopped around to movie studios. "The fans are dying for the movie," said Anna. Umm, hello, it's Harry freaking Styles — of course they're dying for it. And with more than 500 million clicks on the three-part After series, we're banking on this being a HUGE success if all goes as planned.

After the news broke, Anna then addressed some concerns regarding After, "Fanfictions are turned into books/movies all the time, so I hope those of you who dislike After or me will just take a step back and look at this as an opportunity for yourself and with all the amazing things happening with Wattpad, you could be the one having a movie next! So try to remember that Wattpad is an amazing and positive community. That being said, I won't engage in any fights, so please leave your hateful comments on your own page."

Before you get all excited, we should probably inform you of the biggest catch of all: Harry, as well as the other members of One Direction, will not be named if this becomes a physical flick. We know what you're thinking, BOO! Instead, it'll focus on a boy bander with a different moniker as he falls for a fan.

What do you think of the news? Would you like to see After on the big screen? Or is it better off staying on the Internet as simple fan fiction? Tell us all your thoughts in the comments below!

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