The Many Faces of Harry Styles

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We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the very loveable Harry Styles has many different faces. Actually, we’re totally just kidding, because he really only has one (like Kristen Stewart!) and that’s definitely the duck face. Check out our photo montage of Harry doing this wacky expression that’s annoying, but so cute we can’t stand it…

Hey Harry, show us your sexy pout! Err, good try bro.

Harry must be thinking real hard about the meaning of life.

Whichever photographer snapped this priceless shot should be very proud of themselves.
We are obsessed, even though he looks like he’s about to cry.

Harry Styles presents his best Blue Steel pose.
Now him and Ben Stiller just need to have a model pose-off.

Harry channels his inner John Mayer. Or something.

Hey girl, this face is what makes me beautiful.

Come and kiss me! At least that’s what we are taking away from this photo.

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