9 Stunning Ladies Harry Styles Dated After His Split from Taylor Swift

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Harry Styles has come a long way since he first joined One Direction. In the past few years, it seems like he’s evolved from boy-band cutie to ‘even your mom is in love with him’ hot. And don’t even get us STARTED on what he’s been doing since he went solo. HO-LY HOTNESS, BATMAN! You guessed it — we *swooned* over him at every stage…and we weren’t the only ones!

In the years following the 23-year-old’s split from Taylor Swift in January 2013, he’s been linked to several stunning women. Jealous? Us too. Especially since one of them was just a regular college student from South Carolina. WTF? Read on for a look at Hazza’s dating timeline since his infamous breakup with Tay: