Further Proving His Godliness, Harry Styles Cures Mute Teen Girl with a Kiss

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As if millions of teen girls (and their moms) all around the world weren't already begging for a kiss from Harry Styles, now it seems that one pucker from the 20-year-old One Direction singer can cure sickness, too. Hear us out…

According to 15-year-old Laura Yeates, who suffered from laryngitis and pharyngitis, leaving her mute for six months(!), the "Kiss You" crooner blew a smooch in her direction at a 1D performance — and she found her voice again! She says (via Metro), "On the day of the concert, I was slightly upset because I would not be able to enjoy the atmosphere as much as the rest of the crowd. But we got so close to the stage and as Harry came over, he chucked water over us. I tried to scream, just to make him notice me, and when he blew a kiss in my direction, a scream came out."

This was after several trips to the hospital and multiple sessions with speech therapists failed to have any sort of impact on the teen girl. So basically, Harry is more god-like than anyone would've ever imagined.

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