Harry Styles Mistakes Condom For Balloon While on Stage in Amsterdam

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Harry Styles is used to getting things thrown at him while he’s on stage at this point. But sometimes even he’s surprised at what Directioners choose to send on up during One Direction concerts.

While performing in Amsterdam a few days ago, Harry noticed what he thought was a balloon floating by him. And, if you’ve ever been to a concert before, people almost always bounce around balloons! So, obviously he was intrigued and went to hit it right back to the audience. Pretty standard,  right? Wrong! ‘Cause that ‘balloon’ was actually an inflated condom!

We’re not sure if we should be grossed out or laugh hysterically TBH, so we’re gonna do both. Fortunately for us, a fan got the whole thing on video, which means we see Harry go from curious to excited to disgusted to embarrassed all in about five seconds. LOL! Watch his hilar response in the video below!

Are you dying at Harry’s reaction? ‘Cause we sure are! Must. Watch. On. Repeat. Tell us in the comments below how you reacted to the silly video!

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