Harry Styles Injures His Face During Ski Weekend (PHOTO)

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Last week, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift took part in a not-so-sweet date filled with fan photos — and needles. (Though, Harry’s new tattoo is said to be based on Reeve Carney’s ink in Tay’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” music video.) Now, the couple known as Haylor is making headlines for yet another unromantic outing.

During a Christmas-y weekend together, the twosome visited an exclusive skiing resort in Utah. Neither were spotted on the actual slopes — or, at least we haven’t seen the pictures from it — but the two were seen dining together inside. Sounds cute, right? Eh, not so much considering the latest pictures of Harry. While at what appears to be a Christmas celebration, the One Direction boy bander posed for photos with a huge bandage on his chin indicating a bruise of some sort.

Twitter (@1Dstalking)

Twitter (@1Dstalking)

Harry further confirmed his chinjury (hehe) via Twitter:

So far, no more details have been released, though many speculate that the damage was from aforementioned vacation with Taylor Swift. However, on a brighter note, outlets snapped pictures of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kissing during what’s said to be the same ski vacation, since it took place at the same resort. Guess the latest Jelena break-up rumors aren’t true.

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