10 Things About Harry Styles That Are More Important Than His Hair

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Tumblr (harrysheroine)

Tumblr (harrysheroine)

It’s the end of our month-long Man Crush Monday tribute to One Direction, post-Four release! And we’re capping it off with the one and only Harry Styles. Obviously, the youngest member of 1D has got a great head of hair. Possibly even one of THE greatest heads of hair of all time. It’s all that anyone can ever talk about! And if he dares to change it even a little, the whole world implodes. Remember when he was transitioning to a quiff and everyone was all, “NO, NO FOREHEAD. We’re protesting Harry’s forehead!” And then just as we were getting used to that, he started to grow this flowing mane of lusci… do you see what we mean? Even WE can’t shut up about his hair!

But we’re going to try really hard to, for a second because it’s come to our attention that there’s an amazing guy attached to that hair. And — get this! — there’s stuff about him that’s even BETTER than his beautiful tresses. We know, it sounds crazy, but it’s just crazy enough to work. So, let’s get started celebrating MCM by crushing hard on every part of Harry that isn’t on top of his head: