Harry Styles Voluntarily Lived in an Attic for a Year Instead of His Own Mansion

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We know what you’re thinking: we must’ve made a BIG mistake with this headline, but alas, it’s true. Harry Styles, the bae of all baes, really did live in an attic for over a year, but don’t worry, fam… it actually kinda makes sense.

You see, the One Direction member is actually great friends with producer Ben Winston, and after living in his mansion for what was supposed to only be a few weeks while his mansion was getting renovated, Harry discovered that he preferred living in his buddy’s attic rather than all alone. TBH, we can’t relate to not wanting to live in a mansion, but to each their own, right?

Nevertheless, something good did come out of this odd living situation because, in case you haven’t heard, Ben and Harry worked together recently on creating an upcoming CBS sitcom called Happy Together, which was loosely inspired by Harry’s early years of superstardom while living at Ben’s house.

That’s right! This information was revealed to Variety editor Danielle Turchiano at the 2018 Summer TCAs yesterday, and of course, she wasted no time when it came to posting all the deets on Twitter.

She wrote, “Harry Styles lived in (producer) Ben Winston’s attic for 18 months, suburban neighborhood, no one knew he was there. He said living in a quiet ‘boring’ family environment while undergoing a crazy time in his life helped him and inspired Winston to develop #HappyTogether #TCA18.”

You read that correctly, folks! According to another tweet by Danielle, Harry actually felt kind of lonely in his own mansion, and he preferred feeling like he was with a family unit during that particular time in his career. But, before you get too excited, know that Ben replied to Danielle explaining that while Harry did inspire the sitcom, the show is a very loose interpretation of what those 20 months living under the same roof were actually like.

Danielle’s tweets further confirm what Ben once told Rolling Stone directly, which was that Harry lived with him when 1D “went from being on a reality show, X Factor, to being the biggest-selling artists in the world.”

He also told the mag, “That period of time, he was living with us in the most mundane suburban situation. No one ever found out, really. Even when we went out for a meal, it’s such a sweet family neighborhood, no one dreamed it was actually him. But he made our house a home. And when he moved out, we were gutted.” Aww! So sweet!

We don’t know about you guys, but this is sweet story is totally getting us stoked for the sitcom, and knowing that Harry co-produced it makes it that much better! Wouldn’t you agree?