Harry Styles Debuts Two Brand-New Songs on the First Night of His Tour

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What’s better than one never-before-heard song from Harry Styles? Two of them! It has barely been a year since the singer released his solo self-titled debut album and already we’re getting new music from him. Squee!

Earlier this week, the 24-year-old kick-started a brand-new tour in Basel, Switzerland and not only did he surprise his fans with a fresh and beautifully glittered custom Gucci suit, he also performed not one, but two never-before-performed-OR-heard songs.

While the official titles for these two songs have yet to be revealed, Harry stans have already dubbed them as “Medicine” and “Anna.” Of course, to no one’s surprise, everyone already loves them. “Medicine” was the first of the two to make its debut and we can already see why fans have been going crazy for this one:

The song sounds a little like “Kiwi,” which is a HUGE fan favorite, so it’s no surprise that everyone immediately loved “Medicine” from the get-go. Later in the evening, the “Sign of the Times” singer debuted another new song, which had a much lighter tune with a bridge that sampled from George Michael‘s iconic song, “Faith.”

It didn’t take long after these songs were performed for fans to take to Twitter to express their need for the studio versions of “Anna” and “Medicine.” Not gonna lie, we need it, too.

Aside from wowing the world with these unheard songs, Harry also managed to make a statement on gun control without saying anything at all. During the concert, fans noticed Harry was using a guitar that was covered in stickers with the words ‘END GUN VIOLENCE’ on them and honestly, that just makes us stan him even more — if that’s even possible.