OMG! Harry Potter + Ron Weasley = Fetus Ed Sheeran

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If you love Harry Potter and Ed Sheeran, have we got a treat for you! Now, this photo of fetus Ed has made the rounds on Tumblr and Instagram, but we’re just NOW noticing how baby Ed is basically a combination of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley.

Think about it — he’s got the ginger hair of Ron, and the specs of Harry. Too bad he doesn’t have a mysterious scar on his forehead too. Also, that red coat and tie uniform is kind of reminding us of Griffyndor, no?

Nowadays, fans know and love the “Kiss Me” singer because of the fantastic music he makes, but growing up wasn’t so easy for him. While his hoards of fans can’t get enough of his “ginger hair,” kids used to make fun of him for it, and he says it’s because of that bullying that he was able to become who he is today. (A successful musician!)

In a recent interview, Ed said, “I think everyone goes through a bit of bullying at school. Of course you get picked on for certain things, but I think it ends up being a positive. I was quite a weird kid when I was little, I wore big glasses, had hearing problems, had a stutter and I had ginger hair, but I am now a successful musician and I have nothing to complain about.”

We love the positivity! Too bad he he didn’t audition for the role of Ron back in the day, our whole lives could be different!

Ed sheeran ron weasley


Do you agree with our findings? Or is fetus Ed just the cutest on his own? Sound off in the comments section!

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