What if Harry Potter Went to Prom? (PARODY MUSIC VIDEO)

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Ever wondered what it’d be like if Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley & the rest of the HP crew went to prom? Not the Yule Ball; legit P-R-O-M. We sure did. That’s why our beautiful hosts, Joslyn Davis, Lily Marston, Lily Marston, and some of our friends dressed up as your favorites from the series… and went to Wizard Prom!

Yo, this ain’t the Yule Ball
This is Wizard Prom
Ya feel me?
Keep up

Wizard Prom
My dance moves are the bomb (figuratively)
Had no date
So I brought your mom (mine’s dead)

Wizard Prom
At least I have a mom (Narcissa)
I like your tux (psych)
Is that from Amazon?

I’m Harry Potter, obviously
Your boyfriend takes Polyjuice Potion to pretend he’s me
And call it Divination ’cause I’m spilling all this tea
Your witch asked me to prom first, don’t @ me
Call me Lumos ’cause I’m makin’ it lit
What more would you expect from the boy who lived?
All you other wizards might as well take a seat
’cause Avada Kedavra, I killed this beat

Nice suit, Potter, Goodwill deserves a slow clap
You couldn’t find a date with the Marauder’s Map
New wand, who dis? Don’t want your Dementor’s Kiss
You filthy mudblood, wait ’til father hears about this
Oh girl, where do I begin?
Your brothers aren’t looking, maybe I can Slytherin?
My Instagram following is off the charts
You gonna need defense against my dark arts

Call me Ginny Potter, oops I mean Weasley
If I’ve learned anything, loving you ain’t easy
Come on, Harry, we don’t need a babysitter
If you leave my texts on read, I’ll just DM you on Twitter
I’m a pureblood witch, don’t look so terrified
That Quidditch Captain Chosen One will be mine tonight!

Wizard Prom
And I’m stuck with Ron
My spray tan sucks
I’m done using Groupon
Wizard Prom
My heart will go on
Dance with me, Harry
’cause this is our song!

I’m flossing, I’m fly, don’t look so stupefied
Kiss my ring, Weasley’s king, I’ll obliviate your mind
If you need me, you can find me on the dance floor
Tryna step to this? There’s the Gryffindor
My moves are savage, you’re a hot mess
It’s like that sometimes, so riddikulus
Stop tryin’ so hard, you ’bout to get injured
Is your name Fortnite? You got played by a ginger

Swish and flick, I’m not your average chick
You call yourself a keeper, but I’m a golden snitch
No, Weasley, I’m not having a good time
Cast Engorgio ’cause I bought my dress online
Since when do you dance? That’s a first
You must be under the Imperius Curse
What’s this key for? A hotel? You dumb?
Maybe you should give it to your boy Viktor Krum

My senior prom, gotta do it up right
Daddy bought my dress, so you know it’s hella tight
Sorry, house elves, don’t mean to throw shade
But this butterbeer could use a little upgrade
Gonna shock the crowd with my yoga split
Y’all thought Ravenclaws only brought wit

Wizard Prom
It’s like a marathon
Call me Flitwick
’cause I put on the charm
Wizard Prom
This butterbeer is bomb
I don’t feel it–
OMG I love this song!

Am I Newt Scamander?
Because those were some Fantastic Beats
Did you see what Malfoy was wearing?
Somebody call the Ministry of Tragic, am I right?
Who needs Uber when you just apparate home?
Accio pajamas

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