11 Male Harry Potter Characters Who Were Recast Throughout the Franchise

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What the actual eff? In recent weeks, we learned that Pretty Little Liars recast at least 12 characters throughout the Freeform drama’s so-far six seasons, including Toby Cavanaugh (later played by Keegan Allen) and Jason DiLaurentis (later played by Drew Van Acker). Then we realized that Game of Thrones replaced at least 20(!) actors throughout the HBO television series’ existence. Now, we’ve discovered one of the all-time greatest movie franchises of all time, Harry Potter, did the same thing — over 20 times!

When digging up all the replacements for HP, we found a minimum of 11 male characters alone who were recast. Albus Dumbledore’s an obvious one, as it made headline news when Richard Harris passed away before the third film. But did you know about the roles filled by Robert Pattinson and Domhnall Gleeson had their own swaps? Didn’t think so. A bunch of well-known stars were almost cast in Harry Potter, but, as you’ll see, there are far more actors who actually were cast, but were later taken out of the HP flicks. Whomp whomp…