16 Magical Harry Potter Makeup Products You Can Buy Right Now

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Is it just me, or, in the last few weeks, has it been impossible to go on Facebook without seeing at least one News Feed post about Harry Potter makeup? About three weeks ago, one of the top trending topics for almost the entire week was the magical, and also non-existent, mock-up of a Harry Potter makeup palette from a Reddit thread. 2 weeks ago, fans rejoiced when they realized someone had capitalized on their HP love and created a makeup brush set that look like Harry Potter wands. This week, everyone is freaking out about this beautiful Harry Potter highlighting palette that, while gorgeous, is also completely sold out.

As much as I adore the rabid fandom that is the Harry Potter fandom, I started to feel annoyed about all of the beautiful HP beauty products I would get excited to buy, only to realize that I couldn’t. Anyone else? What good is a gorgeous eye shadow palette if it’s not even real? What am I supposed to do with a highlighting palette that sold out the second BuzzFeed posted about it? What about makeup we can actually purchase right now?

And so, I did a little searching of mine. Surprisingly, there are many Harry Potter-inspired makeup products out there on the market, enough so that I’m surprised that a fake one and a few sold out options got as much attention as they did. We’ve been sleeping on this market, Muggles! Here are a few amazing and magical Harry Potter makeup products you can buy right now. And by right now, I mean you should probably order them right now before they sell out too! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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