This Harry Potter-Inspired Home is on Sale & Could Be Yours for Only $3M

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Harry Potter fans, you’re gonna want to sit down for this one and maybe start calculating your finances. Why? Well, something tells us you’re gonna want to get your body in this home STAT.

If owning a piece of Harry Potter history is on your bucket list, well, this home in Minneapolis won’t help you check that goal off, BUT it might bring you one step closer to living a magical Harry Potter-esque life! We just caught wind of a listing for a Minneapolis castle known fondly as the “Harry Potter House” or the “Hogwarts House” and it could be yours for JUST $2.9 million. Now, we don’t necessarily know how much that is in galleons EXACTLY, but something tells us it’s a lot.

The magical home is being listed through Jeffrey Dewing of Coldwell Banker Burnet and is a 4,547 square-foot home that sits behind a gated courtyard filled with some nice greenery. It has three bedrooms and three bathrooms as well as a private rooftop terrace — BUT, the best part is obviously the décor.

The home’s current owner told KARE-TV that he spent quite some time — seven years, to be exact — to transform the home into a magical and enchanted wonderland perfect for the Wizarding World’s biggest fan.

Okay, he didn’t create it specifically for Harry Potter fans, but with the home’s given name, it only makes sense for a huge HP stan to own it. The house doesn’t have any obvious movie or book references built into it because, again, the homeowner didn’t have Harry Potter fans in mind when he was working on the home, BUT the property just looks like it belongs in the Wizarding World and that’s all that matters.

And to be perfectly honest, what’s a Harry Potter fan without a home that pretty much mirrors their perfectly normal obsession with the franchise?!