“Drinking, Girls & Cars” Cause Harry Potter Star to Lose BIG $$$ in Court

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It’s a darn shame that there’s no spell to solve all your problems, ’cause one of Harry Potter‘s longtime stars could sure use one right about now. 27-year-old Devon Murray, who portrayed Seamus Finnigan throughout the eight-film franchise, was recently sued by his former agent… and he lost — big time.

At the end of March, he cryptically tweeted:

But it wasn’t too long before the public learned the truth: The actor’s former agent, Neil Brooks, claimed he was owed £231,000 (or ~$329,361) in fees by both Devon and his parents (since he was a minor when he was first signed his contract with the agent):

Devon’s mother told the court that they’d paid Neil for his work, but Devon had “gone out drinking, taken out girls and bought cars, because that is what teenage boys do,” so he had far less money than you’d assume. Upon seeing those words, though, Devon said:

And he reportedly added, “It wasn’t all women, cars and drink.” Along with buying horses, he supposedly used his earnings to purchase property.

Nevertheless, the Finnigans lost the case, and were ordered to pay approximately $300,000:


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