The Must-See First Acting Gigs of the Harry Potter Cast

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For the most part, the Harry Potter cast comprised of youngins in their first movie roles. Emma Watson, Rupert Grint… (Those guys are lucky ducks. How many people can say their first movie was a box-office hit??) But not all of the students at Hogwarts were completely fresh faces. Here are five HP stars in their must-see first acting gigs:

Daniel Radcliffe — Before he was The Boy Who Lived, he portrayed the young Dickens character in David Copperfield. There are not enough words to describe the precious.

Tom Felton — When looking at a platinum-blond-haired Draco Malfoy, you never would’ve guessed that TF’s first gig required him to have red curly tresses. But watching this video of 9-year-old Thomas in The Borrowers makes it all a reality:

Matthew Lewis — 1995 marked the first year in Matt’s movie career, but the following year marked the first in his TV career. See how cute he was on Dalziel and Pascoe? Obsessed.

Devon Murray — Although no footage of Seamus Finnigan’s pre-HP work seems to exist on the Internet, some photos do. Here’s a peek at his role in Angela’s Ashes in 1999:



Sean Biggerstaff — Oliver Wood, is that really you? In 1997, a 13-year-old Sean had a short stint on the TV mini-series The Crow Road, and he’s nearly unrecognizable.

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