The Awkward Kissing Stories from the Harry Potter Cast No One Talks About

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When it comes to awkward kisses, the Harry Potter cast is all too familiar with them. The smooch between Daniel Radcliffe and Katie Leung (Cho Chang) in Order of the Phoenix, the “aggressive” makeout session between DanRad and Emma Watson in The Deathly Hallows: Part 1, the long-awaited hookup between Emma and Rupert Grint in The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 — we’ve all heard the uncomfortable tales about what went down behind the scenes.

But what went down during other uncomfortable encounters? We’ve heard the aforementioned so many times, yet no one ever talks about Tom Felton‘s awkward liplocks, or Dan’s outside of the series. Don’t worry, though, we’re here to solve that for you. Here are some of the awk kissing stories from the Harry Potter cast no one ever talks about:

Daniel Radcliffe — Although you may think that the now 26-year-old actor experienced his first on-screen kiss as Harry Potter in the franchise’s fifth film, it was actually with another YA film star, Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies, I Am Number Four). The Aussie actress, who’s three years his senior, took Daniel’s movie-kiss virginity a year and a half prior to HP5 while filming December Boys. And, while he says he was less nervous than he would’ve been had he needed to lock lips with an inexperienced actress, you can tell the jitters were still there:

Emma Watson — In an interview with none other than yours truly, the British beauty described her first-ever real-life kiss as “very tongue-y.” She claims it was a “dishwasher mouth experience” and that she “was a little horrified.” Sounds nothing less than traumatizing, don’tcha think? BUT, she did go on to say that everything went “uphill after,” so that’s a plus, right?

Tom Felton — Draco Malfoy never got to experience an on-screen game of tonsil hockey, but he started off in real life at a young age. He told Seventeen of his first experience, “I think I was 12, and it was Spin the Bottle. Everyone was like, ‘Have you been kissed before?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m a professional!’ I was so nervous, and the bottle landed on me. The kiss was okay, but not too memorable.” Ouch.

Bonnie Wright — DanRad’s kisses with Katie and, more importantly, Emma were highly publicized, yet his smooches with Bonnie (Ginny Weasley) remained somewhat under the radar. Fortunately, someone did manage to squeeze some information out of her. She said, “We’ve known each other so long. That was weird — having to look at someone in a different way. Surprisingly, on the actual day it all seemed to be okay. You just kind of treat it like any other scene. That sounds silly and probably boring to others! But I think in order to make it realistic, you have to just go for it!”

But it took for-eh-ever to get there. When asked how many takes one specific kiss took, she exclaimed, “A lot! We filmed it for two days. And obviously a lot happens in the scene as well. It was probably like 30 takes!” Hope there were a lot of breath mints involved!

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