8 Horrible Lessons You Learned From Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

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We love Harry Potter. And we definitely have a special place in our hearts for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. But just because we’re total PotterHeads doesn’t mean we can’t recognize a few bad lessons when we see them!

Before you freak out, we know HP is a movie and not real, but what if someone took Harry, Ron and Hermione’s actions seriously? Baaaad things would happen. For example…

1. Breaking and entering is NBD. Cool, Hagrid! Who’s going to replace that door? And also, casually busting into someone’s house is definitely not okay!

2. Trust a strange man who comes into your house. While Harry was wary at first, he trusted Hagrid pretty quickly. And seeing as he just broke into his house in the middle of the night, we’re pretty sure that’s not such a good idea.

3. Buy an entire trolley of candy for yourself. What about the other kids on the train? And what about cavities?!

4. Break every rule in your school. If there was a Hogwarts rule, Harry, Ron and Hermione broke it. While things ended up working out for them in the end, this is a guaranteed way to get yourself kicked out of school IRL.

5. Getting into mischief with people will lead to lifelong friendships. Yes, Harry, Ron and Hermione have a bond like no one else, but sometimes associating yourself with the wrong crowd can lead to trouble, not true friendship.



6. Go into the opposite sex’s bathroom. Venturing into the opposite sex’s bathroom is never a good idea, especially when there’s a troll roaming around!

Students Abroad

Students Abroad

7. Don’t listen to members of authority. No only did these kids break the rules, they blatantly ignored what their teachers told them to do. For example, no one was to EVER to go the third floor corridor, and guess where one of their first stops was? You got it!



8. Do everything your friends tell you to. We know Harry, Ron and Hermione only had each other’s best interests at heart, but their advice often times led to dangerous situations that could’ve been avoided if someone put their foot down.

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