Not One, Not Two, But THREE Amazing Harlem Shake Videos!

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It’s Friday, so what better day to have a Harlem Shake dance party?! Though the Harlem Shake has been around for years, it’s getting a much deserved revival in the form of some seriously hilarious videos. The videos start off simple enough — a bunch of bros chillin’ in someone’s room. Some are on the computer, a couple are just laying there, but there’s one who can’t wait to get the party started. Then all of a sudden, the shirts are off, and the Harlem Shaking starts. People are even doing handstands!

The next Harlem Shake starts off in what appears to be a warehouse of some kind. Once again, there’s a solo dude trying to get the party started — pretty unsuccesfully. Everyone else seems pretty into their work but BAM! The Harlem Shaking commences.

And last but not least, we have someone trying to get the Harlem Shaking started in an office. People are pretty serious at work, so you’d think they’d just ignore this guy, right? WRONG! Get to the Harlem Shaking, everyone! Which Harlem Shake vid is your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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