YouTube Star Emotionally Recalls the Horrific Scene of the Manchester Attack

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“Anyone else going to #DangerousWomanTour in Manchester tomorrow,” YouTube star Hannah Renee excitedly questioned her followers on Twitter a day before she attended Ariana Grande‘s concert on May 22. The girl would’ve never known that just hours later, a suicide bomber would take the lives of 22 innocent humans and injure ~60 more.

The 19-year-old let her followers know she and her friend, Ellie, were okay very soon after the terrorist attack, but didn’t go into detail about her experience until almost a week later.

“We were basically on the stairs and we started walking up and that’s when we heard the bang,” the beauty guru explained with tears in her eyes.

The teen said she in no way suspected that the loud noise was a bomb, but rather a blown speaker, so she didn’t panic and tried to keep everyone around her calm. She and her BFF waited in a row of seats for several minutes after they heard the boom and eventually made their way up another set of stairs to get out of the venue. Hannah says everything was pretty quiet, but then she looked to the left by the Victoria Station exit and “thought…[the] ground had been turned up” and saw a guy yelling, “RUN!” It was then that she grabbed her pal’s hand and started running to get out of the Manchester Arena.

“It all just happened so quickly. I remember walking out of that exit and there were shoes just randomly scattered, like, people had just dropped heels and stuff. And there were spots of blood. It’s just so disgusting. It’s so horrible to think about. There were spots of blood, missing shoes — people had obviously just started running.”

Thankfully, the girl and her friend were able to get away from the horrific attack unharmed, but she’s well aware that not everyone was that lucky.

“I just don’t want this video to seem like I’m making this about me,” she said. “I have nothing to be upset about compared to other people. I don’t want to seem like I’m making this situation about me, because it’s not. It’s about everything and it’s mostly about the people who were lost; the people who aren’t here anymore.”

You can watch Hannah’s full video below:

Remembering the nine teens and one child who died in the Manchester attack: