Emily Osment Reveals How Hannah Montana was Originally Supposed to End

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Even though the show ended six years ago, new Hannah Montana-related information is always welcome. The series, which was one of Disney Channel’s biggest hits, left behind many memorable moments and songs: The “Hoedown Throwdown,” every time Hannah took of her wig, the cheese jerky rap, and, of course the final scene of the sitcom.

It turns out, that final moment was not originally supposed to end the way it did. In responding to a fan tweet, Emily Osment revealed that she ad-libbed the final line of the show.

In case you forgot that tearjerker of a scene, it’s the moment in which Miley Stewart (played by Miley Cyrus) surprises Lilly Truscott at her dorm. As two hug in Lilly’s doorway, Miley says, “I love you,” and Lilly responds with, “I know.”

When a fan tweeted out the scene, Lilly said she improvised her last line so Lilly could have the final words of the entire series:

That tweet elicits all sorts of nostalgia. And that scenes is one of the most heart-wrenching of the series, second only to Miley singing “The Climb” to all of Crowley Corners.

As sweet as that moment is, both Miley and Emily have been pretty up front about the fact that the on-screen BFFs didn’t always get along off screen. In her book, Miles To Go, Miley said, “The show felt real to me, and I wanted my relationship with Lilly to feel real, too. I knew it didn’t have to — show business is show business — but I was disappointed. There were times when I didn’t think we could ever be friends. We just couldn’t figure out how to get along.”

Even so, many grew up with the show, and for those fans, a reunion would be a dream. Disney has reportedly approached Miley with the idea. No word yet on if a reunion will come to fruition, but one can dream. ~Nobody’s perfect~, but a Hannah Montana reunion kind of would be. Life’s what you make it, and they likely made it rock.