Now That Hannah Montana’s Over, What Should Miley’s Next Career Move Be? We’ve Got Some Ideas.

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This weekend was a monumental one in TV land thanks to that little awards show called the Golden Globes, but we were also watching another big TV event–the very last episode EVER of Hannah Montana Forever. In the tear-jerking finale, Miley Stewart opted for college with her BFF Lilly over shooting a movie in Paris with Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg (wouldn’t you?), which pretty much means the little girl in that pic to the left is gone forever. So, does that mean Miley Cyrus is out of a job?

Hardly. Now that her Hannah duties have wrapped, Miley’s filming the flick So Undercover, promoting her music career, and smoking bongs just being all around famous. But we have a few career ideas for Miley…

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