6 Hannah Montana Actors Whose Nude Pictures Hit the Internet

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Like many former Disney Channel stars, the cast of Hannah Montana had to work really hard to break free from the DC mold and prove that they’re more than just a bunch of “good kids” that are products of Mickey Mouse. While many past DC actors like Zac Efron purposely got naked in front of a camera in order to prove they were all grown up, others were disgustingly thrust into that world when their NSFW pics were leaked for the entire world to see. And then you have the HM actors, who dealt with a little bit of both.

Leading the way for her former co-stars, Miley Cyrus is perhaps the most famous Hannah star to be seen nude both because of her own doing AND because of perverts who have no respect for her privacy. But while she’s the most notorious of the DC classic cast to bare it all online, she’s definitely not the only one. Here are all the former HM actors and actresses who appeared nude on the Internet.