One of Your Fave YouTube Couples Broke Up Months Ago & You Had No Idea!

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Not gonna lie, we’re still not over the fact that Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart are no longer together. Yeah, yeah… we know it’s been months, but the pain is REAL. And now, to add another dagger to our hearts, yet ANOTHER one of our fave YouTube couples have called it quits. Get the tissues ready — Hannah Hart and Ingrid Nilsen are no more. Both YT stars, who dated for about four months, addressed the split on their respective Twitter pages.

“In January, Ingrid and I decided to end our romantic relationship,” Hannah wrote. “Since then we have put a solid friendship in its place. Needed to take some time to process these things and now that we are ready to share, I wanted to let you guys know. Ingrid is an incredible woman. She remains my personal hero in more ways than one.”

Similarly, the beauty guru had nothing but nice things to say about her ex-girlfriend in the note she posted about their decision to break up.

“Hey everyone, Hannah and I want you to know that we aren’t in a romance relationship anymore. We have taken the last couple months to process and have worked on building a friendship that we both value very much. I love Hannah beyond words. She is a spectacularly beautiful human that I’m proud to know.”

The 29 and 27 year old confirmed their relationship back in September, three months after Ingrid came out as gay in an emotional YouTube video.

UGH! This is so sad; Hangrid was just BEYOND adorable, ya know? On the bright side, at least both girls seem to be on good terms and are clearly still friends.

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