Star Reignites Feud with Luke Hemmings’ Ex-GF Just Days After Cheating Scandal

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Halsey doesn’t get into too many fights on social media, but one she couldn’t avoid was with surprise, surprise Luke Hemmingsex-girlfriend, Arzaylea Rodriguez. “Lol @ female artists who preach girl power and promote the feminist movement then when u meet them irl and they’re rude to other women,” the brunette tweeted last year. While she didn’t say any names, it soon became pretty obvious who she was talking about. “Lol at people who disrespect you in your own house because they forget they’re not the most important person everywhere they go,” the singer quipped back. D-R-A-M-A!

The girls’ brief back and forth ended there, but now that Luke is no longer dating the 22-year-old, the “Closer” crooner has no reason to bite her tongue.

Arz and her friends attended Emo Nite LA last night, and the event posted a picture of them in the DJ booth. The photo stayed on Instagram for a few hours, but got deleted after Halsey commented, “This is so embarrassing.”


Halsey has been friends with all of the 5 Seconds of Summer boys for years now, and it’s pretty clear she was never a fan of the social-media star, so we’re not THAT shocked that she threw a little shade in the wake of a dramatic cheating scandal. Not gonna lie, we thought the first person on Team Luke to no-so-subtly diss Arz would be either Michael, Calum or Ashton, but there’s still tons of time for that.

It’s only a matter of time before Arzaylea responds, as she obv LIVES for a good feud. Here are all the times she was involved with serious drama: