20 Nasty Tweets Fans Sent Halsey That Will Make You Cover Your Eyes

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As much as Halsey may sing about being “Bad at Love,” the 23-year-old seems to have found success with G-Eazy. She and the 28-year-old rapper have been seeing each other ever since he ended things with Lana Del Rey in September, and they’ve been nothing but #relationshipgoals ever since. (Well, not counting the time they were spotted snorting cocaine on a yacht…)

Before that major New Year’s Day no-no, these two have been pretty dang adorable — which is not a phrase we ever thought we’d use to describe either one of these musicians. But even though the New Jersey native is clearly happily taken, some of her fans don’t seem to have gotten the memo. They continue blowing up her Twitter feed with some v NSFW messages that get harder and harder to stomach the further you scroll. Good luck making it to the bottom!

1. Couples who obsess over Halsey together, stay together.

2. Thanks, but no thanks.

3. BRB, vomiting.

4. LOL.

5. Can’t un-see this.

6. That’s a new one.

7. Good luck with that.

8. How about no?

9. DEAD.

10. You could keep that to yourself.

11. Pass.

12. Please stop.

13. EW.

14. Can you not?

15. Cool story, bro.

16. In your dreams.

17. That escalated quickly.

18. Cool trick.

19. We can’t all get what we want.

20. Have fun with that.