Fans Attack Halsey After Assuming She Copied Ariana Grande’s Tour Look

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Who knew that two very similar outfits from two incredible popstars like Ariana Grande and Halsey could cause so much controversy? Well, it did — but, thankfully, the “Now or Never” crooner ended the drama between Arianators with nothing but love.

Over the weekend, Ari’s fans got all riled up over one of Halsey’s recent tour looks and wasn’t really a good reason for the hostility at all. It all started when an Ariana fan account tweeted a pretty aggressive message towards one of Halsey’s recent tour ensembles:

Along with calling the 23-year-old musician a horrible name in the tweet, the account shared a side-by-side of both Ariana and Halsey wearing essentially the same outfit: baggy white pants, a huge white duster jacket with a simple white crop top.

Thankfully, before the hostility could grow against Halsey, one of her very supportive fans stepped in to stop the mess and pulled out all the receipts. Emily shared a bunch of screenshots of old photos with Halsey wearing the all white outfit in question and reprimanded fans for feeding into the negativity and pitting female artists against each other:

Emily’s defense didn’t go unnoticed by her fave because Halsey responded to the tweet and did nothing but spread love and kindness to those who tried to drag her:

See? There’s no need to cause drama. Nothing but love all around.